Our Rental Policies

  • Our minimum age to use our equipment is 5.
  • All rentals are good for one single float downstream only. After the float, renters are asked to return all equipment. This includes the tube and their components, life-jackets, coolers, and cooler tubes. During the early season, additional runs downriver can be purchased for 50% off depending on availability.
  • Renters must leave a credit card with us during their float. If equipment is not returned (by accident or on purpose) or damaged beyond repair or future use, the card will be charged the following amounts the next business day:
    • Rental Tube: $120 / Cooler: $20 / Cooler Tube: $60 / Life-Jacket: $15
  • All renters are required to wear a life-vest during your float (one is included in your rental, or you may use your own).
  • Fall City Floating will inform customers by 6am if there is a closure due to inclement weather. Please check your email prior to leaving for your float. Fall City Floating is not responsible for guests traveling to Fall City during a weather closure due to incorrect email addresses or guests not checking with us beforehand during inclement weather.
  • All renters must sign a liability wavier (per person) & Customer Safety & Environmental guidelines (one per group) provided by Fall City Floating LLC prior to floating with us.
  • All locker users may not store items valued at $1000 (including currency) or more per floater during float. Fall City Floating is not liable for lost or stolen goods.