Parking Options

Our goal at Fall City Floating is to respect the peace and tranquility that our town enjoys year-round.  Given that we are all stewards of this enviroment, we ask the Floaters park in one of two locations.

The King County Fall City Community Park offers a free spacious and secure parking lot to park your vehicle. If you are renting or purchasing a tube from us or filling up a personal tube, please park here or on Neal Road (Pull-In or Back-In parking only). We have also added a 3 acre overflow lot on the other-side of Neal Road.


If you are not renting or purchasing a tube from us and don’t need us to inflate your personal tube or raft, parking upstream is the best option for you. Fish Hatchery Road offers two parking lots and roadside parking for the Plum River Entry Points. Please remember to leave plenty of room for emergency vehicles to access the water and do not park under No-Parking Signs. A Discover Pass is required to park in the parking lots.

After your float, please feel free to purchase a shuttle pass for a ride upstream to your vehicle. We are open and running the shuttle until Dusk!

The residents of Fall City and the Snoqualmie Valley have asked that floaters do not park in the following areas due to safety and congestion concerns:

  • Highway 202
  • Highway 203
  • Downtown Fall City Store Fronts
  • Parking Designated for the Horse-Arena
  • Fall City Bistro (Bistro customer parking only)