Parking Options

Our goal at Fall City Floating is to respect the peace and tranquility that our town enjoys year-round.  Given that we are all stewards of this enviroment, we ask the Floaters park at our location and respect no parking zones.

The King County Fall City Community Park offers a free spacious and secure parking lot to park your vehicle. The lot is open to everyone, including folks not using our service. Please park here or on Neal Road (Pull-In or Back-In parking only). We have also added a 1.5 acre overflow lot on the other-side of Neal Road.


The residents of Fall City and the Snoqualmie Valley have asked that floaters do not park in the following areas due to safety and congestion concerns:

  • Highway 202
  • Highway 203
  • Downtown Fall City Store Fronts
  • Parking Designated for the Horse-Arena
  • Fall City Bistro (Flower Stand customer parking only)
  • Parking at the Upper Sites is extremely limited and requires a discover pass