General Floating Policies

In order to continue the use of this natural resource, we must respect the residents & environment. It is important that all floaters adhere to the following policies:

  • Dispose of Trash Properly – There are four trash disposal & recycle points. Two at the upstream entries, one at our exit, and one in downtown Fall City. Please do not discard of your trash or recycling in the river. Our team ensures the trash and recycle containers are ready for your use. You can obtain a mesh bag to attach to your tube and contain your trash during your float from our store for free. We ask that you return the bags at the end of the float.
  • No Glass Bottles – Do not bring glass on the river. Glass will break, and as a result kills fish and injures others using the river. Aluminum Cans or Plastic is fine.
  • No Styrofoam Coolers - Do not bring styrofoam coolers to the river. When styrofoam coolers break, they disintegrate in the river. Please bring hard or soft coolers.
  • No Oversize Rafts - We no longer support the use of tubes larger than a two-person  on the river (otherwise known as islands or 4 person tubes). We will not be transporting or facilitating the inflation of oversize tubes due to the danger that we perceive these rafts have on all users of the river (deflations & lack of control just as examples). Inflatable Boats are still acceptable.
  • The Red Zone  - We have designated an area on the river in which we ask that you stay in your tube and do not stop on the river banks. This area is lined with private property and it becomes disruptive if tubers spend large amounts of time in this area. When you enter the Red Zone (it is marked with large signs), please stay in your tube for 1 mile until you see the all clear signs. There are plenty of areas before and after the Red Zone to stop and enjoy the river.
  • Sanitation – Our team has provided portable toilets in the community park and at the WDFW sites. Please do not use private property on the river as your restroom. Residents are highly encourage to call the police if floaters are seen violating this law.
  • AlcoholRCW 66.44.100 prohibits alcohol use all on Washington State Rivers and Fisheries. Respect the law and general safety. Persons who are clearly intoxicated will not be allowed to rent equipment or on our shuttle. People seen drinking on our property prior to getting on the shuttle will not be allowed on the shuttle. Fall City Floating is not liable for any accidents or fatalities cause by drinking on the river. Be smart, be safe.
  • Parking – Parking in areas with no parking signs will result in your car being towed. Do not park in a way that blocks other cars or emergency vehicles.
  • Respect Others – This is a family activity and there are residents & children here. Loud foul language, belligerence, intoxication, and general disrespect will not be tolerated. Be a good person and keep yourself and members of your group under control.