Parking Options

Our goal at Fall City Floating is to respect the peace and tranquility that our town enjoys year-round.  Given that we are all stewards of this enviroment, we ask the Floaters park at our location and respect no parking zones at the entry and exit sites.

The interactive map below will show you different parking areas related to floating the Snoqualmie

The King County Fall City Community Park offers a free parking lot to park your vehicle. The lot is open to everyone, including folks not using our service. Please park here or on Neal Road alongside the County Park (Pull-In parking only). We have also added a 1.5 acre overflow lot on the other-side of Neal Road.

Please don't park further down Neal Road passed the County Park. Your car will be towed at your own expense. Parking is extremely limited on busy days, so please carpool as much as possible.

Due to the Bridge Outage on Fish Hatchery Road, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has severely restricted parking and access to the river access points to increase road and river safety. There is no access to the road between SE 49th St & the Plum Boat Launch. WDFW has removed all parking between the Plum Boat Launch and Plum Access #1. WDFW has removed parking spots alongside the Fish Hatchery and turned an old discover pass lot into u-turn access. On busy weekends, you will not be able to access Fish Hatchery Road without a discover pass. WDFW estimates a total of 70-80 parking spots available. If you arrive later than 11am on a busy weekend day, you will most likely not find parking.

Department of Fish & Wildlife River Access

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No Parking Zones near Fall City

The residents of Fall City and the Snoqualmie Valley have asked that floaters do not park in the following areas due to safety and congestion concerns:

  • Highway 202

  • Highway 203

  • Downtown Fall City Store Fronts

  • Parking Designated for the Horse-Arena

  • Fall City Bistro (Flower Stand customer parking only)