Rental Pricing

We know that organizing a family or group event can be timing consuming and stressful. Getting together equipment, vehicles, and people are fundamental to a great river float. At Fall City Floating, we want to make this hassle-free. We offer premium rental tubes that are designed to handle our rivers and include all the necessary add-ons like your ride upstream, life-jackets, and paddles.


Adult Tube Rental

  • Weekends - $35

  • Weekdays - $25**

The Adult Tube Rental includes a premium river tube, a life-jacket, and frisbee paddles. All the tubes can be connected together. Your shuttle ride upstream is included and we also provide you with a complimentary locker to store valuables like car keys (you don't want those on the bottom of the river).


Child Tube Rental (5 - 12 yrs)

  • Weekends - $25

  • Weekdays - $15**

The Child Tube Rental is for children under the age of 12 and includes a tube, a youth or child life-jacket, and frisbee paddles. The shuttle ride is included. Our minimum age for rental equipment is 5 years old and all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Cooler Tube Rental ($15)

What's a day out on the river without a couple refreshments. We can provide you with a cooler tube and 48qt coleman cooler for you to store a lunch and beverages for when you are on the river. Ice is not included. The cooler tube connects to our adult and child size tubes during the float.

** Except July 4th & 5th and Labor Day when Weekend Rates Apply