The Overflow Lot Permit

The purpose of the overflow lot next to the King County Park is to relieve our neighbors of the possibility of cars being parked illegally or in a manner that jeopardizes public safety. Given that we do not advertise, the same amount of people will come to float the river whether we have an overflow lot or not. The real question is whether residents want cars parked along Neal Road to the Farms or taking up space downtown. When people who just want to ride the shuttle see the long walk down Neal Road to our location, they decide it is easier to park at the top of the river on Fish Hatchery Rd than walk the ¾  to 1 mile to our store for the shuttle. Having an overflow lot next to our location encourages people to park at our location and take the shuttle to the boat launch instead of parking in the Spring Glen and Fish Hatchery Rd Neighborhood.

This overflow lot was already used during the 2017 season and proved very effective. We are just seeking permits to comply with DPER regulation going forward at this point.

This lot is not a method to attract more customers, it is to corral the ones that are coming whether the town likes it or not. As a community, we can either control the crowd in a specific space or let the crowd find the areas to park that are going to upset locals in the community, including the ones that are specifically complaining about our permit from the Fish Hatchery Community.