Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We are open 9am to sunset on Weekends and 10am to sunset on Weekdays. Our season operates from June to Labor Day. We stop renting tubes at least the total float time + 1 hour before sunset throughout the season, which varies from 5pm to 2pm as the season goes on.

Do I reserve seats on the shuttle?

Yes, you need to reserve both shuttle rides and tube rentals on Saturdays and Sundays. Even with the reservation, it is a first come first serve shuttle. On busy days, there can be a 60 - 90 minute wait to get on the shuttle.

What is the minimum age to float?

The minimum age to use our rental equipment is 5 years old as of the current date. We also recommend that the child has the basic ability to swim, is comfortable in water, and has an inflatable jacket or swimming armbands. You alone are responsible for the safety of your child on the water.

Is alcohol use permitted on King County Property?

No. Alcohol use is not permitted on King County Property. This includes the King County Community Park and our facilities. People who are intoxicated or drinking in public view will have their items confiscated. Please be considerate & respectful of our policies.

Why is your River Exit Trail so rocky and unmanaged?

We are located on County Property. We are limited by the resources that we can squeeze into the corner of a parking lot and cannot make modifications to the landscape. There is a trail improvement request with the County, but it will likely not be implemented until at least 2020. We recommend water shoes or flip flops for now.

Are pets allowed on the Shuttle?

Yes, your favorite furry friend is allow on the shuttle. We do not rent equipment for animals however since they scratch the exterior of our rental tubes. You must bring your own equipment for them or buy one of our Explorer 100/200 boats ($9.99 - $14.99). We recommend a boat-style inflatable with enough space for them to lay down and a dog life-vest that can be purchased from any major pet store. We will not allow you on the shuttle unless we see that you have a specific tube for your pet.

Why is your shuttle line so long on the weekends?

We operate within the limits that we feel comfortable sending people out on the river. After 4 years of operating, we have decided that 5 shuttles running 15 min round trips put's a manageable number of people on the river every hour. There is no other way for us to control how many people use the river at one time.  If you would prefer not to wait in line or struggle to find parking, we recommend coming on a weekday instead.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. There is no fee and no deposit due before you arrive, so booking is risk free. On days above 82 °F is it unlikely that we will have tubes available to walk-ins. We make no exceptions to this since we only have a limited number of tubes to rent out.

If you are fully booked, is there a chance I can call and still get a reservation?

No. We have the same information that is available real-time in our online system. We can edit the system on our end, but only for cancellations (which are unlikely). We recommend checking the reservation system periodically if we are sold out to see if anything has changed. We do not have a waiting list or a call back system to handle pending reservation requests.

Will you set aside retail items for me to buy it when I arrive?

Our store is a first come, first serve system. We do not reserve or set aside items for individual customers, even if you want to pay in advance.

Do you charge a deposit to my credit card?

No. You will sign a form before your float that shows the replacement cost for our tubes, life-jackets, and coolers. In the unlikely event that you lose an item on the river, we will charge the card for that amount when you get back. In 99.9% of cases, there will be no additional charges to your card other than the initial purchase when you check-in. We do hold on to your credit card during the float to ensure that our tubes are returned to us.

How do you take payment?

We accept all major credit cards and cash. All payments are done at our store onsite.